• [01/08/13-31/07/14] David Déharbe (Natal) in sabbatical in Nancy for one year
  • [01/02/14-28/02/14] Stephan Merz (Nancy) in Cordoba
  • [06/14-07/14] Carlos Areces (17/06/14-24/07/14), Raul Fervari (24/06/14-16/07/14), and Guillaume Hoffmann (26/06/14-29/07/14) from Cordoba in Nancy for one month
  • [30/06/2014-04/07/2014] MISMT STIC AmSud Workshop in Nancy.
    Participants: Carlos Areces, Haniel Barbosa, David Déharbe, Pablo Federico Dobal, Raul Fervari, Pascal Fontaine, Guillaume Hoffmann, Stephan Merz
  • [06/09/14-21/09/14]Richard Bonichon and Claudia Tavares (Natal) in Nancy for two weeks